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4th of July 2015

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Ouray Brewery will host a rooftop party for the 4th of July water fights! Cost will be $75 per person (adult or child). This will include BBQ buffet and one Pint of Beer. Kids get one soda.

Ouray Brewery: Top 9 Small Town Diners


Not only will you find delicious local brews here, but you'll also get one amazing meal.

Not only will you find delicious local brews here, but you'll also get one amazing meal.

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Our Core Brews

  • Camp Bird Blonde +

    Like a lighter beer? The award winning Camp Bird Blonde is made with a combination of Pale and Pilsner malts so it isn't lacking body, but is still wonderfully light, dry and crisp. To make it perfect for summer drinking, we ferment this beer slowly at low temperatures. IBU 15.5 ABV 5.6
  • 550 Red Ale +

    Brewed with a variety of specialty grains, this American style red is rich in caramel malt flavor.  We lightly hop this beer to balance out the characteristic ale sweetness.  Revenue Red has a mild, pleasant taste everyone can enjoy. IBU 31.2 ABV 5.43
  • Box Canyon Brown +

    Locals often comment that this beer is our greatest creation yet.  Slightly nutty on the nose and palette, with an earthy hop aroma.  Made with a variety of roasted and chocolate malts, the flavor is complex but the finish is clean and dry.  A slow fermentation makes this one of the tastiest dark beers you'll ever find.  IBU 28.8 ABV 5.6
  • Backcountry IPA +

    Brewed with American Ale Yeast. Floral, citrus or piney like hop tastes and high bitterness, aroma and flavor. Crisp and dry with a medium malty taste. Strong aromas. We use local hops from Misty Mountain Hop Farm in Olathe in this beer. Strong and loyal local customer following. Comparable to Dogfish Head. Magnum, Centennial, Citra and Simcoe Hops. IBU’s 62.3. Read More
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Our Seasonal Brews

  • San Juan IPA +

    Our IPA is hoppy, but not so hoppy that the body is lost to the bitterness.  Extremely well balanced, with a citrus finish and grassy aroma.  Hopped with four American northwest varietals, this is a delicious, session worthy IPA IBU 66 ABV 6.6 Read More
  • Black Lake Dark Lager +

    Brewed with California Lager Yeast. Malt aroma and flavor low. Clean, light body with slight contributions of caramel and roasted malts. Low hop rates. Hop flavor and aroma is low. Comparable to Negra Modelo. IBU’s 14-20. ABV 5.32%
  • Dallas Creek Dortmunder +

    Golden. Low hop aroma. Low and sweet malt flavor. Low Hop flavor. Medium Hop bitterness. Comparable to Stella Artois. Nugget and Hallertauer Hops. IBU’s 29. ABV 5.35%  
  • Mountainbock +

    Brewed with California Common Lager Yeast. Deep copper/amber color. Sweet and malty aroma and flavor. Lightly toasted and bready malt character. Low hop bitterness. Comparable to Salvator. Magnum, Saaz and Crystal Hops. IBU’s 20.5. ABV 5.65%  
  • Pick Axe Pilsner +

    Brewed with a California Lager Yeast. Low bitterness. Medium bodied malt emphasized beer. Somewhat bread like in taste. No fruit flavors or sweetness. Comparable to PBR, Coors or Bud. Excellent “Session” or “Summer” beer with a low ABV 4.73%  
  • Portland Porter +

    Brewed with American Ale Yeast. No roast or burnt flavors. Low to medium malt sweetness,. Caramel and chocolate notes with medium hop bitterness. Light to medium body. Fruit tones. Hop aroma low to medium. Comparable to Alaskan Smoked Porter. Northern Brewer and Willamette Hops IBU’s 20-30. ABV 4.76%  
  • Kayle's Scottish Ale +

    Brewed with an American Ale Yeast. Malty and caramel like aromas. Little to no Hop aroma. Soft and chewy. No hop flavor. Low hop bitterness. Mild beer with a hint of dried fruits like raisins and cherry. Comparable to Odell’s 90 Shilling. IBU’s 9-20. ABV 5.62%
  • Mountainweizen +

    Brewed with Hefeweizen Ale Yeast. Straw colored. Sweet aroma with little malt flavor. Fruity and banana characteristics. Low hop bitterness. Comparable to Blue Moon. Perle Hops. IBU’s 20. ABV 5.9% Read More
  • Straighten Em Out Stout +

    Brewed with an American Ale Yeast. Pale, Specialty Malts and Flaked Oats. Low fruit aroma. Coffee and roasted malt aromas. Medium-high hop aroma. Low malt sweetness, low caramel, chocolate and roasted coffee flavors. Comparable to Guiness. Magnum Hops. IBU’s 37.2. ABV 5.6% Read More
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